Ardesia Workbench for Dust Vacuuming : Dust Table – M

This dust extraction bench is suitable for suctioning and removing dust that is released by sanding. Its structure is made of press-folded galvanized steel. Its main features are the anti-static pleated cartridge filters which allow optimal filtering of dust. They are made of aluminized polyester. The bench is equipped with a system which cleans the cartridges using compressed air. Dust is collected in two removable trays and the exhaust air is further filtered through acrylic filters.

 Filter Cartridges

The filter cartridges are made of pleated polyester fabric, with the application of powdered aluminum that ensures the removal of electric charges, created by the dust filter. The issue of dust is less than 0.1%, grain size between 0.2 and 2 microns. The filter cartridge has an excellent resistance to organic solvents, and has a maximal temperature of use in continuous operation of 150 ° C. Its particularly smooth surface allows an optimal detachment of the powder.

 Integrated Air Inlet Filter (Optional)

The synthetic filter is used for filtration of dust, it consists on polyester fiber thermal-cross-linked, it has a high capacity to stop powders with low pressure drop. It is not toxic, unassailable by microorganisms and chemicals.



    1. Transmission centrifugal fan
    2. Antistatic aluminized polyester cartridges
    3. Output acrylic filters
    4. Dust collection drawers
    5. Electric panel with IP55 protection class
    6. Scratchproof plates
    7. Compressed air cleaning system

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