SHK Series 

The bag filtering units are suitable to solve the problem of sawdust filtering and collection within a low budget. They are ideal for indoor use in small/medium workshops, or for localized extraction from some specific woodworking machineries. These units can be installed externally.

The modular structure of these filters is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel, and it is composed by 2 main sections: the filtering battery in the upper part, including the anti-static polyester sleeves, with shaker cleaning system which maintains the filters efficiency automatically; the lower part including plastic bags to collect the wastes. The collection bags can be replaced by a collection bin or hopper with motorized screw extractor and rotary air lock, for a continuous discharge of the waste into some other collection device or system.

The integrated fan is equipped with a big impeller and a 4 pole 1500 rpm (except SHK1) noiseless motor, rated IP55 as protection and IE3 as efficiency. The control panel controls the fan and the shaker cleaning system, the latter being automatically started each time the fan is switched off. These units are available is SHK1, SHK2, SHK3, SHK4 and SHK5 models.

NOTE: SHK Units are not sold in ATEX version. units, TEX compliant units please refer to “F250-320-380-450” compact filters series.

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