Prodeco E60 Briquetter  

The BRIQUETTE press is a hydraulic compactor designed to reduce the volume of processing waste.

All materials are difficult in different ways, just as the waste volume is different. In any case, we can affirm that the solid cylinder or Briquette, obtained from compaction, makes the storage, transport, and re-use of various materials easier and cost-saving


    • Reduce Waste Volume
    • Autonomous Heating

The BRIQUETTE press is suitable for compacting various materials: All kinds of sawdust – light and heavy – min.-max. moisture 8 – 14%, cork dust and bark, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyurethane, rubber, plastic, yarn fluff, off-cuts of natural fibre and synthetic or mixed fabrics, emery powder or scrapings from hides, paper, and coffee husk.

It is equipped with Flexible Tubes, Joints, Solenoid valves, and PARKER Hydraulic Block, high-performance CASAPPA Cast Iron Pumps of considerable durability, OMT Hydraulic Components, SIEMENS, and NERI MOTORI engines, SITI Gear motors, an Electrical Panel with IP 66 protection class, Control PLC and SIEMENS Display, SIEMENS Electrical Components, ABB Inverter and, lastly, 46 PETRONAS Hydraulic Oil.

Features Includes:

    • Briquette Diameter 60 mm.
    • Motor 5,5 Kw IE-2 (High Efficiency).
    • Output 15/70 Kg/h.
    • Octagonal drum about Ø 750 mm.
    • N° 7 cycles/min.
    • N° 3 cylinders.
    • N° 1 vice without spacers .
    • Briquette’s length max 60 mm.
    • Timed pre-heating device for operating in cold climates.
    • Electronic manometer for pomp pressure.
    • Tapping head.
    • Viewing windows.
    • Cycle and device.
    • Sensitive probe.
    • Probe for the level of the oil and of the temperature.
    • Power panel with PLC Touch Screen SIEMENS.
    • Voltage 400V – 50 Hz.
    • User and maintenance manual.
    • Service Keys.

*PLC – The control cabinet has a PLC panel for the machine status display.  The PLC also makes the machine reliable. 

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