Coima F250, F320, F380, F450 Extraction Units and Bins

 Reliable, silent, and easy to use. With its compact design to suit any environment, even inside production facilities, its highly effective operation in just a small space, the F Series is ideal for extracting various types of shavings and dust. Built in painted metal panelling and equipped with the following:

  • Settling chamber for the decanting of shreds into the filtering unit.
  • Filtering media in antistatic polyester (needle felt sleeves 500 gr/m², cartridges 270 gr/m²)
  • Automatic programmable counter current compressed air cleaning system
  • Continuous discharge of the shavings and dust into handy wheeled metal bins with sight glass to check the filling level.
  • Manual cleaning system of the filter by compressed air jet pulses
  • Continuous chip and dust discharge in a wheeled metal bin with viewing window to check the filling level.

Designed to operate in negative pressure, with high suction efficiency and maximum safety against fire and explosion, these units also feature a built-in fire extinguishing water ring. The high-efficiency centrifugal fan with backward curved-blades, fitted in a soundproofed compartment inside the unit, makes it possible to achieve higher negative pressure values than other filters on the market, while only producing low noise.

These F series models can be located outside or inside. Th F450 is for outdoor use only. ATEX version also available. Other than the Bin version, they are also available with Briquetter, Screw and Rotary valve attachments, therefore easier to use for high volume waste. These units can also be equipped with an invertor; therefore reducing power consumption where applicable. Fire extinguishing system is standard in these versions.


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